March 13

Fighter Pilot

Behind the Visor is an unprecedented look through the eyes of a trainee Fighter Pilot, giving the everyday civilian the chance to see what it takes to be a Top Gun. This interactive training experience immerses you in every aspect of the four year fighter school program with the Air Force.

Users will identify active bombing targets using both innate and enhanced Google maps navigation, fly by sight, using pre-determined landmarks, then bury your head in the books, studying emailed course notes, applying what you’ve learned and taking spot tests in lateral thinking.

Back in the air, users will need to refuel a fighter jet mid-flight en route to Bersama Shield and co-ordinate a simulated attack on enemy frigates, assessing everything from mission information to current weather conditions and collateral damage.

The campaign was delivered across 3 platforms – website, MMS and email, with 45 videos embedded in Google maps and over 150 interactions resulting in multiple outcomes. The project was filmed in first-person by real Air Force pilots on exercise, and took over a year to capture, making the end result as close as you can get to the journey to become a Fighter Pilot, without leaving the ground.

Website Details:

Website: Fighter Pilot: Behind the Visor

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Spikes Asia 2013
Category: Digital
Awarded: Bronze