March 31

Odyssey House Petition

‘The Petition’ asks that people recognise that addiction doesn’t go away on its own, and sign their name in support of this cause.

February 28

Heinz Baby

To launch Heinz’s new range of baby food, the Heinz for Baby site was revitalised with a new look and feel to capture the special bond that is formed between parents and babies during feeding. Website Details: Website: For Baby Image:

February 19

Air Force Futures

The Air Force Future page provides an interactive environment where you can see the transformation of current Air Force equipment into its possible future applications in seconds.

January 06

Liddle Facts

‘Liddle Facts with Friends’, was a juicy competition encouraging fans to submit funny, interesting or downright random facts about their friends in return for great prizes! 

November 22

Give Sam a Serve

 ‘Give Sam a Serve’ is a high-tech interactive experience that uses the latest 3D and face tracking technology to give Australian Open-goers the priceless opportunity to go one-on-one against Australia’s top ranked player. 

April 01

Close Puppy Factories

In the fight against puppy factories, awareness is the greatest weapon. The ‘Close Puppy Factories’ petition site was created to raise awareness for this issue and ask people to pledge their support in the fight against puppy factories.